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The Victorian house was continually filled with laughter, parties, dinners, and children running up and down the stairs or playing in the beautiful and spacious garden.

Every Christmas was special in that home. Each day of the holiday season, the smell of wood filled the entire space and was combined with the smells of rich, homemade food. Each year, the family would go to Main Street, just two blocks from their house, dressed up in costumes alluding to the occasion to join in the small parade.

Two generations enjoyed that home full of life and joy. Today they love to share their stories and they all vividly remember the day when they had to put that beautiful house up for sale. Everyone in the family had a wish: that their cherished home would not be destroyed. Their hope was that somehow this special residence could be preserved.

Fortunately, a Canadian couple with a taste for exquisite architecture, fell in love with that house. Their dream? Keep everything they could of that structure. Two dreams came together and gave life to what is now the Grano de Oro Hotel which has become one of the warmest and most welcoming hotels in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Undoubtedly, the Cooke family, founders and owners of the Hotel, have done an exquisite job of preserving the essence of this treasured dwelling over the years.

Entering the Hotel, you will experience that warm atmosphere, with careful and personalized attention to every detail. You can walk through the halls of that old, and now restored, house.  You can stay in a suite, that originally was the living room of the home, where some of the original wood remains preserved. The garden where the children played is still there, complete with a large mango tree and full of beautiful plants that can be enjoyed from any of the five rooms that surround it. There is so much more to tell, but we invite you to come visit us, and experience the warm, familiar, relaxing atmosphere of that enchanting Victorian home from the 50’s, still preserved after all these years.

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