A day in the life of a Josefino….A Visit to the Central Market.

To experience daily life of San Jose, you have to visit the Mercado Central, which is one of the most representative places of old San Jose and an icon in Costa Rican Culture. This market is visited by over 20 thousand people every day, giving the place a life of its own.

The Central Market was founded in 1882 and it has been remodeled several times through the years, but it still keeps the same labyrinth-like structure. The market has several doors that flow out into main streets and avenues in the capital city.

This is the kind of market where you can find it all: trinkets, spices, flowers, food stands, restaurants and friendly merchants. There are lunch counters where you can enjoy typical Costa Rican food, like the “Casado” (rice, beans, salad, cheese, plantains, tortillas and meat), “gallo pinto” (rice and black beans) and “agua dulce” (water sweetened with pure cane sugar). Plus the oldest ice cream shop in Costa Rica “Lolo Moro”.

So, when you come to San José, don’t forget to visit the Central Market for a taste of daily Costa Rican life.

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