Close to our hearts… Our social project, Casa Luz.

Casa Luz (“House of Light”) is located near San Jose, Costa Rica and is a non-profit home for adolescent mothers and their children, all of whom come from extreme poverty and have been abused and/or exploited.

Casa Luz was founded in 2003 by the owners of the Hotel Grano de Oro.  The hotel and owners continue to be part of the day to day of Casa Luz as well as support it financially to a large extent.

The purpose of Casa Luz is to provide a safe haven and a loving Christian environment for these adolescent mothers and their children, including physical, emotional and spiritual support, as well as education in parental and vocational skills.

The team helps the young mothers realize that they can have healthy lives, positive social interactions, and a nurturing relationship with their children. The goal is to teach the life skills needed to achieve a productive and independent future.

The challenge is huge, but the satisfaction of seeing a girl become a successful and independent mother encourages us to continue working hard for this project.

A heart felt thank you to those who have contributed to this cause!

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