What does Brazil World Cup 2014 mean for Costa Ricans?

This is a big World Cup for Costa Ricans considering that Costa Rica wasn’t on a second round since Italy 1990 when Costa Rica got their first ticket to the finals of a World Cup, where they made a huge showing after beating Scotland and Sweden in the first round, and now after winning the game against Grecia we are writing a new history on the World Cup quarter-finals.

italia 90

Costa Rica’s participation in this World Cup so far has left a win against Uruguay 2-1 a win against Italy 1-0, a draw against England 0 for 0 and a victorious penalty shootout win over Greece.


And how not to be proud if when the opponents of Costa Rica for the first round were announced, the whole world express that we were in the dead group because Costa Rica would have to play against three former world champions and everybody thought we would be the easiest opponent in the group, however, we were the first country classified in our group and we haven’t lost a game.


Costa Rica is living a party and Grano de Oro is not the exception, we have enjoyed every single game at the hotel, we have placed TVs in all our operational departments to don’t lose any movement and we look forward for the next game against Holland, and with the great motivation we have, we believe that everything is possible…


We wish the best for our players; they already have made us champions.

Que viva Costa Rica Pura Vida!!!

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