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We are committed to protecting the environment and work hard to ensure all our individual and business actions leave a green footprint on the road!

At least once a month our employees participate in cleaning the streets near the Hotel along with other tourist companies in the area. This is one of the most enjoyable experiences for our employees, because through this personal action they create a greater awareness of the problem of poor waste management and become citizens who reproduce good habits in their communities and families.


We also participate in planting trees. And what satisfaction for our employees! Can you imagine? Some of them had not planted a tree in their entire lives prior to this experience at Grano de Oro.


During the year, we train and motivate employees on save electricity, water and give them useful tools to help them become more effective in their sustainable actions.

And we of course do contests! Who does not like prizes?!
Based on this premise, we organize contests among the employees to reward those who have saved the most water or electricity in their homes during the last months. It is very motivating for everyone at home to participate in these contests and to create among themselves strategies that allow them to save on these services.

Through these contests, one of our families learned the importance of turning off the lights they were not using.  A very simple action, isn’t it? But unfortunately we do not all apply it!  Well, this family was one of the winners of the contest and now they have also established good habits to save on electricity, decreasing the cost of their bill! You know, when we experience a positive effect in our pocket we establish a greater commitment!


There are many positive experiences that we live every day at Grano de Oro as part of our green footprint and we feel privileged for it!

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