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Music, legends, expressions, costumes and food are all part of the wonderful culture in Costa Rica. One of the most fun, colourful and even danceable tradition is “Mascaradas and Cimarronas”.

“Cimarronas” are small bands that always accompany “Mascaradas”. These bands have wind and percussion instruments and play mainly national music. Nevertheless, their musicians are so skilled and versatile, so they adapt almost any kind of rhythm and song to their performance, including cumbia, merengue and even two step.

“Mascaradas” are large masks people wear usually carried on their heads with their bodies covered by the masks clothes to make the characters look very tall. They are made with layers of clay, paper, aluminum, paint and reflect faces of national politicians, athletes and musicians, highlighting their most peculiar characteristics. And an amusing image of the devil is always present too!

Typically taking place on special holidays but also for private parties, the onlookers will often dress themselves in colorful clothes and dance along with the Mascaradas. If you visit Costa Rica you will surely enjoy this national tradition. Just ask at our hotel reception to help you find a place where there is a “Mascarada y Cimarrona”!

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