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August 9, 1884, was an unforgettable day for Costa Ricans! This was the day we got electricity.
Historians indicate Costa Rica had the first city in Latin America to have electricity and the third city in the world after New York and Paris.

On that memorable day, inhabitants of the capital and surrounding cities filled the main streets of the capital, to witness the moment when natural light faded and the streets would be lit.

135 years later, Costa Rica continues to make history. This magnificent country, which houses 7% of the world’s biodiversity, has continued to work hard on renewable energy and during the last four years our energy production reached 99% using renewable sources.

The statistics indicate that this has had a great impact on our environment.
Through solar energy, rivers, wind, Costa Rica has generated its electricity during the last four years. But also, thanks to the rich biodiversity we have in this country, we have managed to demonstrate environmental leadership through reforestation, protection of nature reserves, among many other achievements.

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a small country but with a huge potential for development thanks to all the natural sources we have. We are committed to continue making history and leading the way in renewable resources!

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