El Mercado

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It’s a beautiful morning, you can already smell fresh coffee in some of the vegetables and fruits stands.

By the time the sun rises on Saturdays and Sundays, the many Farmer’s markets in San Jose will be in full swing. Opening very early in the morning…between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. There is a cool wind as the fair begins to take shape and the sun rises. Already people are talking, asking, bartering at each stand, observing the quality of the vegetables and fruits, greeting the neighbors. Others are simply out for an early morning walk with their pets, observing the hustle and bustle.

Take the opportunity to have a coffee at one of the food stalls, shop artisan cheeses, taste the flavors of the country. By midmorning, the number of people will have increased, and the heat too. It’s now the perfect time for a cold “pipa” young coconut water or another cold natural drink. Regardless of the heat of the morning, people gladly buy their organic products, cheeses and even flowers, fresh herbs and handicrafts. Hustle, colors, smells…everything reflects the idiosyncrasies of Costa Ricans.

The local Farmer’s Market is a weekly tradition for Ticos. Without a doubt, it should be a tourist destination on the bucket list of places to visit in our country. Most neighborhoods have one and there are many near our hotel each week.

Farmers come from mountainous areas to the city the night before, to accommodate their trucks and kiosks on the edge of the streets. During the night they have gatherings, some stay in their trucks to sleep before the day begins, while others watch all night to protect their products.
This scene is one of the most picturesque in our country. More and more Costa Ricans join this tradition that has lasted for years and that reflects the true Costa Rica that every tourist must know.

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