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You will surely remember that we have supported in an integral way for 15 years Casa Luz, a non-profit organization founded by the owners of the Grano de Oro Hotel and Restaurant.

Well we are very happy to share with you that Casa Luz has just launched a brand-new website!

Given a fresh new look, it has updated information about the organization, current news, lots of photos, and now the ability for Canadian donors to make credit card donations online. Online donating for US and Costa Rican donors will be coming very soon.

A home for young mothers and their children who come from situations of abuse, extreme poverty, and exploitation, Casa Luz provides a safe place for them to live, the help they need to heal, and the resources they require to flourish. It is our dream for all of the young mothers at Casa Luz that their broken hearts would be mended, that they would find freedom from the hurts of their past and that when they look inside themselves, they would see beauty instead of ashes, hope instead of despair, joy in place of pain.

We invite you to check out the new website and help us to get the word out about Casa Luz by sharing with your family and friends! https://www.casaluz.org/

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