A great Costa Rica adventure… “Birdwatching”

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There are few countries where you will have the opportunity to see as many birds as in Costa Rica. We are not exaggerating! Did you know Costa Rica has more bird species than the United States and Canada together?

If you are a bird lover, now you should have Costa Rica on your bucket list as a bird watching destination.

No matter when you visit us you will enjoy the great variety of birds that we have in this small paradise. Ticos are fortunate to have more than 9,000 species of birds, of which 56 are endemic.

The best time for experts in bird watching to enjoy this adventure is during August and November, but certainly throughout the year most of these birds remain in national territory, occupying various the ecosystems throughout country, from the coasts and jungles to the city!
As a guest of our Hotel, we guarantee each morning you will wake up with the warm song of dozens of different birds surrounding our facilities. When walking through our gardens or even in the private internal gardens that some rooms have, you will be able to observe birds of different species such as Hummingbirds (Trochilinae, there are more than 46 species in Costa Rica), Yiguirro (Turdus grayi) which is our National Bird. Its powerful and beautiful song announces the entrance of the rainy season.

You can also observe different species of Pigeons (Columbidae … there are more than 25 species).
The Parrots and the Parakeets (psitacoideos) will fly early each morning and at the end of the afternoon usually together with a gabbling as if they were going to or coming from a big party!
Ahh – and what about the Come Maíz (Zonotrichia capensis)? They have taken up residence in our restaurants patio even daring to venture inside in search of fallen crumbs.
We are in the center of a big city, but it does not stop us from seeing birds of different sizes and splendid colors.
Your camera should be ready at all times to photograph these wonders of nature. If you are an expert in bird watching or just an amateur of nature, from our Hotel there are a variety of tours you can take to observe all kinds of birds.
Ticos undoubtedly live daily surrounded by this beautiful experience and we want to share it with you!

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