What does Brazil World Cup 2014 mean for Costa Ricans?

This is a big World Cup for Costa Ricans considering that Costa Rica wasn’t on a second round since Italy 1990 when Costa Rica got their first ticket to the finals of a World Cup, where they made a huge showing after beating Scotland and Sweden in the first round, and now after winning the game against Grecia we are writing a new history on the World Cup quarter-finals.

italia 90

Costa Rica’s participation in this World Cup so far has left a win against Uruguay 2-1 a win against Italy 1-0, a draw against England 0 for 0 and a victorious penalty shootout win over Greece.


And how not to be proud if when the opponents of Costa Rica for the first round were announced, the whole world express that we were in the dead group because Costa Rica would have to play against three former world champions and everybody thought we would be the easiest opponent in the group, however, we were the first country classified in our group and we haven’t lost a game.


Costa Rica is living a party and Grano de Oro is not the exception, we have enjoyed every single game at the hotel, we have placed TVs in all our operational departments to don’t lose any movement and we look forward for the next game against Holland, and with the great motivation we have, we believe that everything is possible…


We wish the best for our players; they already have made us champions.

Que viva Costa Rica Pura Vida!!!

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One of our favorite places in the restaurant… / Uno de nuestros lugares favoritos en el restaurante…

Have you seen our wine cellar? / Has visto nuestra cava de vinos?
Our wine list has been carefully created to partner with our menu and with over 100 labels to choose from there is sure to be something for everyone. / Nuestra carta de vinos ha sido cuidadosamente creada para acompañar los platillos de nuestro menú; y con más de 100 etiquetas de las cuales se puede elegir, de seguro hay algo para todos los gustos.
In fact, we are very proud because Restaurante Grano de Oro has been honored by Wine Spectator for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine list in the world, our restaurant is the first restaurant in Costa Rica receiving this recognition. / De hecho, nos sentimos muy orgullosos porque Restaurante Grano de Oro ha sido galardonado por Wine Spectator por tener una de las cartas de vinos más destacadas en el mundo, nuestro restaurante es el primer restaurante en Costa Rica que recibe este reconocimiento.
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A room with a “Golden View”… Our Vista de Oro Suite

Vista de Oro Suite is our siganture suite, reached by a private staircase, the Vista de Oro lives up to its name commanding a breathtaking view of the Central Valley skyline. The suite reflects the turn of the century style of the original home with handmade tiles in hues of ochre and sienna, complemented by rich wood paneling. The suite features a luxurious king size bed.

The suite’s living area is stylishly furnished with exquisite antiques and is the perfect place to just relax or to read your favorite book.

A large in-room Jacuzzi is the ideal vantage point from which to savour a glass of champagne and watch the lights of the city twinkle below.

If you want to stay in a stunning room with a private jacuzzi and a beautiful view of the city reserve our Vista de Oro Suite!!!


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Close to our hearts… Our social project, Casa Luz.

Casa Luz (“House of Light”) is located near San Jose, Costa Rica and is a non-profit home for adolescent mothers and their children, all of whom come from extreme poverty and have been abused and/or exploited.

Casa Luz was founded in 2003 by the owners of the Hotel Grano de Oro.  The hotel and owners continue to be part of the day to day of Casa Luz as well as support it financially to a large extent.

The purpose of Casa Luz is to provide a safe haven and a loving Christian environment for these adolescent mothers and their children, including physical, emotional and spiritual support, as well as education in parental and vocational skills.

The team helps the young mothers realize that they can have healthy lives, positive social interactions, and a nurturing relationship with their children. The goal is to teach the life skills needed to achieve a productive and independent future.

The challenge is huge, but the satisfaction of seeing a girl become a successful and independent mother encourages us to continue working hard for this project.

A heart felt thank you to those who have contributed to this cause!

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Have you ever been on a walking tour?

Definitely the best way to see a city is by walking and San José offers one of the best walking tour experiences.

Stacey, an American who has been living in Costa Rica for several years, will show you San José from the locals perspective through a leisurely walk discussing Costa Rican culture and architecture in a way only she can.

The adventure starts at the kiosk of the Morazán Park where she will meet you (in a pink hat!) to take you to the hidden treasures of San José. Depending on your interests, you can book a city, art, food or photography  tour, or you can create a custom urban adventure of your own!

If you are coming to Costa Rica consider spending some extra time in the capital of San Jose to experience this tour.  It is not to be missed!

You can arrange for this tour at the Hotel Grano de Oro.

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Have you ever seen our photo collection?

Did you know that Hotel Grano de Oro has a collection of more than 100 old photographs?

Once you check in to our hotel, you will feel immediately taken back in time, the converted Victorian mansion which is our hotel, reflects the turn of the century style of the original home.

The hallways are lined with period photographs that show the way San Jose and Costa Rica used to be when the Pozuelo’s family mansion (where today is the hotel) was built.

Among the array of photos are pictures of churches, airports, stores, theaters, families and a variety of daily activities like coffee and sugar cane farming.

We would like to share with you some of these photos:






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Fresh Local Ingredients

Everything in our restaurant is made from scratch.

We are constantly on the lookout for fresh local ingredients and new ways to incorporate them into our menu, like the buffalo mozarella made from the milk of Costa Rican water buffalo.

These cheese is naturally lactose free and has a great fresh flavor. You can try find it in our Caprese Salad and Antipasto of Marninated.

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June Birthday Celebration

As every month last friday June 28 we met in the lunch room at the end of the day to sing happy birthday and share a piece of cake with the employees that celebrate their birthdays throughout the month: Miriam from housekeeping and David from reception.


Miriam has been with us for 20 years, she is an example of perseverance and dedication, David has been with us for 7 months, you will find him at the front desk receiving the clients with a beautiful smile.

As every month we have funny pictures to share with you:




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Originally a living room – Now our signature Garden Suite

If you have had the opportunity to stay in our signature Garden Suite you will recognize the room in this photo:

The room where our Garden Suite is now used to be the living room of the original house and the wood paneling on the wall is still the same.

The building of the hotel originally was a private residence belonging to the Pozuelo family. It was built around 1910, with tropical Victorian architecture.

For more information about the history of the Grano de Oro hotel in San José Costa Rica visit http://www.hotelgranodeoro.com/hotel_gdo_history.html.

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A day in the life of a Josefino….A Visit to the Central Market.

To experience daily life of San Jose, you have to visit the Mercado Central, which is one of the most representative places of old San Jose and an icon in Costa Rican Culture. This market is visited by over 20 thousand people every day, giving the place a life of its own.

The Central Market was founded in 1882 and it has been remodeled several times through the years, but it still keeps the same labyrinth-like structure. The market has several doors that flow out into main streets and avenues in the capital city.

This is the kind of market where you can find it all: trinkets, spices, flowers, food stands, restaurants and friendly merchants. There are lunch counters where you can enjoy typical Costa Rican food, like the “Casado” (rice, beans, salad, cheese, plantains, tortillas and meat), “gallo pinto” (rice and black beans) and “agua dulce” (water sweetened with pure cane sugar). Plus the oldest ice cream shop in Costa Rica “Lolo Moro”.

So, when you come to San José, don’t forget to visit the Central Market for a taste of daily Costa Rican life.

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